What’s Next at 100 Favorite Albums?


It’s been nearly 8 years, and 100 Favorite Albums is still going strong!

From the beginning, the process has been very consistent. The entire project went as follows: I listened to all my CDs (there were only 400 or so – some folks have thousands!) Then I counted down my favorite non-Beatles albums from #100 to #1. Then I counted down my favorite Beatles albums from #13 to #1.

Author (l.) and dad (r.), ca. 1969.

In those 8 years, lots has happened! I’ve gotten older, my family’s gotten older, my dad died, this whole pandemic thing … On top of all that, I’ve listened to more music! As I pointed out a while back, once I started the project, my list couldn’t change – it was 100 records only, so adding any new albums would disrupt the entire thing. That means I couldn’t write about any stuff I heard since assembling the list.

Plus, there are lots of albums I’ve loved for a long time that are NOT in the top 100. I’ve never gotten a chance to say much about those! Additionally, there are several SONGS I’d like to write about, songs that may or may not come from a write-up-worthy album, so how do I tell you about them??

So here’s the deal. From here on out, 100 Favorite Albums is going to be a lot more free-form. I expect the posts to be much shorter (you’re welcome!!), and I expect them to come more often (sorry.). I’ll put numbers next to the albums, just to keep track, but there’s no ‘order.’ It’s just going to be stuff about music that I like. I’m having too much fun doing this to just suddenly stop because I’ve written about 113 records! And I hope you’ve been having fun, too!

See you soon! (And take a look at my novel, too, if you’d like.)


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