First Time Visiting?


I’m a guy who was born in 1967 in rural(ish) Pennsylvania. I grew up listening to AM radio and 70s Top 40, then met Classic Rock as a teenager, and College Rock, well, in college.

In 2013, I listened to all my albums, and I’ve ranked my favorites (as of 2014. For the purposes of the blog, it’s a static list.) I DO NOT CLAIM THESE ARE THE BEST. I only claim they are my favorites.

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3 Responses to First Time Visiting?

  1. Great post re: Folsom prison. Very insightful perspective. I could only read about the first two sentences before I had to get back to cleaning the fuzz from my sweater so hopefully I will get through the whole thing by the end of the century. Love ya!!


  2. Brilliant!

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