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I’m a guy who was born in 1967 in rural(ish) Pennsylvania. I grew up listening to AM radio and 70s Top 40, then met Classic Rock as a teenager, and College Rock, well, in college.

In 2013, I listened to all my albums, and I’ve ranked my favorites (as of 2014. For the purposes of the blog, it’s a static list.) I DO NOT CLAIM THESE ARE THE BEST. I only claim they are my favorites.

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5 responses to “First Time Visiting?

  1. Great post re: Folsom prison. Very insightful perspective. I could only read about the first two sentences before I had to get back to cleaning the fuzz from my sweater so hopefully I will get through the whole thing by the end of the century. Love ya!!


  2. Brilliant!

      • Who are you? And how are you in my head? In the beginning of your re
        review on Oranges and Lemons you very accurately described my childhood relationship to music. Only I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off. “Do you know where you’re going to” bothered me too. Then I discovered Dark Side of the Moon. Wow! The song Time which in my opinion he’s David Gilmour’s finest work 3 Incredible Solos! Fucked me up for life. I “Frittered and wasted many hours in an off hand way”. The part about waking up to find ten years have got behind you and running to catch up with sun remains the prime motivation for me doing anything productive with my life, driven by the anxiety of that end. Anyway sorry I felt the need to share this with you but thanks. I also agree with Oranges and Lemons it is a stand out album I love it listen to it often

        • Thanks so much for writing! I’m Eric! There are so many great albums and I have so many connections to so many albums.

          Please comment again, and thanks SO MUCH for reading!


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