“Day After Day I Get Up And I Say I’d Better Do It Again” – The Kinks


I’ve been writing this blog for about three months now (just weeks after blogging was pronounced dead … similar to when I got a CB Radio in 1983 and a Sega Genesis box in 2001), trying to post at least every two weeks, and trying to keep on listing the albums I’ve been listening to. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

By the way, here’s a very serious CW McCall “singing” “Convoy”… the song that sparked a revolution in culture, culminating in a fine, fine Kris Kristofferson vehicle.
convoy 2

But I realize, as difficult as this is for me, it’s even harder for you folks out there reading to keep up with my sporadic posts and stay interested! I check my stats, and I’m not lying when I say I average several hundred to a thousand hits a day, but even so, I shouldn’t count on the fact that all my readers are so vigilant that they are aware of what I’m doing all the time.

This came to my attention recently when I met a fervent reader of mine at a music convention of sorts, and he casually asked, “Weren’t you going to do some internet thing about online music or something?”

So I realized that maybe I should take time this week to re-orient folks to what it is I’m doing, and why.

I am listening to all of my CDs and digital albums (well, most of them anyway) and trying to compile my list of the top 100. I listen in my car as I commute, and I make notes so that I can compare the records and finally, some day, make my list.

I started this because I was discussing the inherent bullshittiness of “Best Album Ever” lists with a friend, and so I decided to make a list of my own. I thought it only fair to give each record a listen in some kind of similar context (driving in a car) so I could compare them to each other.

In the meantime, I’m blogging every couple of weeks about music-related ideas that come up while I’m doing my listening.

I have attempted to post the name of each record I’m listening to, and I also tweet the name of the album of the day. Follow me @erm2020.

I expect the list to be complete in … well … 2014??

Okay, all … thanks for reading!!!


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